Where in the Download is Mack???

So, I’ve had an insane month.  New promotion at the day gig… canvas orders for Max Electric Canvas… a family reunion in Kentucky… SO, it is with all that being said that I sincerely apologize for not getting you some feedback on the experience that I had at The Download Festival, 2011.  Let me just say that it was, without a doubt, one of the coolest musical experiences of my life.  I’ll try to tell you more about all of that later.  For now, however, I’m just going to show you some of the amazing things that I saw while I was rocking my soul off for 3 days.  Pictures are all by me… videos are all courtesy of fellow downloaders.  Enjoy…

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Here’s some cool clips of Rob Zombie that I found, ironically, from someone who had to have been about 5-10 feet behind and to the left of me.  I can’t believe that I don’t see my hand pop up on the right side of the screen to snap a picture during this video.  Of course, I was slamming pretty good through most of this… because it was one of the best Zombie shows that I’ve ever seen.

One of my other favorite moments of the festival was seeing Kentucky boys, Black Stone Cherry, rock the crowd.  Especially gratifying was the fact that BSC is MUCH more appreciated in the UK than here in the states, where I’ve seen them a few times and have always wondered why the crowd wasn’t 110% on board the BSC train.  In England, though, they are much-loved and, as a Kentucky boy, seeing drummer John Fred sporting the Kentucky State Seal on his bass drum was really cool.  Also cool was the fact that they covered Adelle’s “Rolling in the Deep” and that it was amazing.  This is the best clip that I can find of it…

Another one of my favorite bands that I’m always excited to see is Sevendust.  Oddly enough, when we got in and were waiting on them to play, we realized, from locals, that 7D have only started getting recognition in the UK during the past couple of years.  Wow… one of my favorite bands of the past 20 years are just now being noticed there… but they definitely got the attention they deserved at this show.  Rather than show you a great video of the band, here’s a couple that, not only show you how insane the crowd went during this set, but also include me and my partner for this adventure, KM.  The first vid was shot from just behind me and you’ll see my red hat through a lot of it, while you’ll also notice that it was next to impossible to stand still up in the front.  This was, by far, the hardest set that I tried to get pictures of but, if you want to get the shots, the best spot is in the pit.  The second vid, while short, will show you what we were dealing with during this amazingly awesome set from 7D… and if you look close, you can catch me at :03-:04.  Crazy.

Since we’re playing, “Where in the Download is Mack?”, and since Alter Bridge was another one of my favorite sets at the festival, here’s the opening of AB’s set.  I’m in there at :19, so good luck with that.  Oh, here’s a hint… I wore a blue Kentucky hat that day.  Alter Bridge were amazing as always and I still insist that they’re one of the most talented bands in rock today, churning through hits off of all three albums and leaving us all ready for more.

Alright… lastly, for now, is Clutch and their performance of “50,000 Unstoppable Watts”.  You won’t find me in here (we were right up front… awesome) but their set was a solid mix of old, new and in between that didn’t disappoint.  I still need to see these guys in a club but, for my third time seeing them at a festival, this was my favorite.  Good audio on this video, too, which rocks.

So that’s it, for now.   I may get time to post some more later but, with a house to sell and a move to pull off in the next month, we’ll see.

Until next time, keep your music true… and turn it up ’til it moves you!”  Cheers.


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