Sevendust – “Decay”

I’ve been a fan of this band for almost twenty years and have been looking forward to the release of their new record, “Black Out the Sun”, for three months. It finally dropped on Tuesday and I’m slightly amazed that a band with their longevity never release a bad record. It’s different from previous releases, but has that same groove that keeps me coming back. Check out the first single “Decay” right here… then go check out the rest. Other tracks I recommend are the heavy and groove entrenched “Faithless – 1”, “Nobody Wants It” and the title track. There’s some really tasty acoustic work on the record, too, and “Got a Feeling” is a sound I haven’t heard before on a 7D record. Truly, there is only one thing that I don’t like about this effort from one of my favorites… they’re not releasing it on vinyl. Oh well… life’s not perfect… but it’s close.

Oh yeah… and since I haven’t blogged since I moved to OKC in August of 2011, it’s good to be back. Keep your music true… and turn it up ’til it moves you.


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