Guest Post from Mack Malone of Max Electric Canvas

Yeah… I am Mack Malone of Max Electric Canvas. I’m reblogging this from the blog of a friend of mine and amazing photographer, Lynn. Check out her page and her work!

Town & Country Photography

Good morning! I have great news. For our clients who order their photos on canvas, we have found the best supplier. Max Electric Canvas is based in Austin, Texas & we are SO PSYCHED to be able to pass along his perfectionism! 


I Create Stuff… I Can’t Help It


My name is Mack and I am a creativity addict.  There, I said it.  To those that know me, that’s not a big shocker.  Creativity is something that I can’t imagine living without and I’m very thankful for the inspiration and self-therapy that it provides daily.  I remember the first time that I created something artistic and sat back and admired it… it was a sense of wonder that here, through the piano arrangement and lyrics that I’d written over it, was a song that had not existed when I awoke that day, and I immediately wanted to create…

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One thought on “Guest Post from Mack Malone of Max Electric Canvas

  1. I know he’s good….. in fact great!!!! ‘Outstanding’ is a word that comes to mind. Sincerely, Meade R. MEADE PHILLIPS PO Box 937, Victor, MT 59875 520-991-6386

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