The Countdown’s Begun


In 2007, nearly ten years ago, I had a dream to find a way to be creative for a living.  I was making these really colorful and unique musical images in a way that I saw no one else doing… and was inspired to see them large and wall ready.  I really pictured them on gallery-wrapped canvas.  So what’s a dreamer do?  He buys a large format, professional printer and starts practicing.  Within a year I was becoming really good at transferring my art onto the media that I craved and they started selling.

Soon after I worked my first art show and, in a conversation with a customer, was asked if I could do a similar type of art with a family photo.  I believed I could, and after much practice began a new venture called Max Electric Canvas, featuring digital painting services and professional printing services.  With no marketing push behind it, I was managing to garner enough orders to begin considering taking the venture full-time.  Then life happened, and my corporate-America bill payers relocated me to Oklahoma City.

This transition moved me into management for my company.  You know the Corporate America game… twice the responsibility for not much more money.  This is where I’ve been now for over five years, although after only a year in Oklahoma, I was relocated to beautiful Austin, TX.  This was my second time to live in Austin and I’ve been lucky to be back in an amazing city with some of my best friends.  Austin has hatched some other ideas into my world, also.  In December of 2012, after growing increasingly tired of the lack of good hard rock and metal radio that came without a Sirius or XM subscription, I launched Trendkill Radio.

Building an online radio station was a blast and over three years later, it’s constantly grown and presented more opportunity.  I realized approximately a year ago that mixing my love of vinyl collecting with the heavy music format was a great opportunity and we are now the only online radio station in the country that offers vinyl programming, vinyl merchandise (much more coming) and an online record store.  I’ve been lucky to have friends in the vinyl community come on board as show hosts and partners, so we have a tremendous opportunity ahead of us.  In reality, it’s taken me over three years to get the station to a place where it really is set to take off… but the countdown has begun.

Many more fresh, new features are coming soon to Trendkill Radio, as well as Max Electric Canvas and The Art Concert.  I have built these separate, but interrelated, companies so that I can eventually monetize them to the point of waking up every morning to a cup of coffee and a job that I love.  Although there’s some vital pieces of the puzzle that I’m still working on, such as an overhaul of the Max Electric Canvas web store, the fruits of my labor are nearly within my grasp.  With this in mind, it was time to get this blog back on it’s feet.

Here, I will update anyone who’s interested on what it’s like to have a dream and go after it, in real time.  I’ll be sharing information on the new Art Concert material I’m working on, what we’re producing within the production studio of Max Electric Canvas, what’s brewing on the turntables of Trendkill Radio and mostly, how they all work together.  Subscribe if you want to jump on for the ride.  Soon… very soon… we’re going all in.

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