Record Store Day 2011 & My Love of Vinyl

It’s April 16th, 2011… a day that I have been eagerly anticipating for a month.  It’s Record Store Day (RSD) worldwide, which is a “music lover’s holiday” that is created by the music industry, with the purpose of driving traffic to local record stores.  The marketing and industry support of this day are pretty incredible, with hundreds of rare and limited-edition vinyl collectibles released specifically for this day.  So limited, in fact, that there has been some controversy surrounding the fact that a lot of record collectors and audiophiles can’t find copies of them, even with the best planning.  Hopefully, in the years to come, they will find a way to make everyone happy while still driving the traffic to the stores.  I think that the easy solution is to have limited editions, but then release  them in CD format soon thereafter, so that, if you don’t get one of the 2,000 vinyl copies, you can still rock out to some of the rare tracks.  Just a thought.

So, let me first tell you about MY record player and why I would never want a different stereo to enjoy my vinyl collection, which includes the entire Led Zeppelin catalog, autographed Shadow’s Fall and White Zombie Vinyl, live Nirvana and Pearl Jam,  the original Black Sabbath pressing and many, many more that I don’t want to spend blogspace telling you about.  I fell in love with music on the ’68 Magnavox Hi-Fi console that I use today.  It was my parents first stereo and I remember being 5 or 6, listening to Elvis records on it and dancing around the living room with my Lincoln Log Microphone singing my heart out.  Funny… but I don’t mind telling you that.  When they asked me several years ago if I wanted it, I felt like I won the lottery (without the early retirement part).  The best part about listening to vinyl on this particular stereo is that it is powered by true tube amps and, when listening to Led Zep on it, it sounds like Jimmy’s guitar amp is sitting on the floor and that’s where the sound is coming from.  It’s how the old vinyl was meant to be heard and the imperfections of the record add major amounts of character to anything you play through it.  This is why I get excited about vinyl.  It’s my first love.  Larger format, larger artwork, larger sound… so I naturally appreciate RSD and went with a “wish list”.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any of the three albums on my wish list, which are now all available on Ebay for major bucks.  They are all limited editions, meaning that less that 2,000 – 2,500 were pressed of each one.  If you don’t find them today, you won’t ever see them in a store at retail price again.  Those three that I didn’t find are Pink Floyd in London 66/67, a two-disc set with Syd Barrett at the helm; Foo Fighters “Medium Rare”, which is all covers from one of the best bands in music today; and Nirvana “Hormoaning”, a record that they did while touring with Social Distortion that was never released.  So, I didn’t find these.  I can buy them all right now on Ebay, which is what I’ll probably do after I finish the task at hand.  I’m not upset, as I did find some awesome limited edition pieces for my collection.  Here’s what I DID get…

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“American Legacies” from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band AND The Del McCoury Band.  This is an edition of only 1,000 and, the coolest part is that it is signed and numbered by Del McCoury and Ben Jaffe, the Creative Director for Preservation Hall.  This is a live show that was recorded in 2010 at The Chapel, part of Preservation Hall.  My rocker friends… this is my absolute favorite score of the day!  Haha… here’s some rock for you.

I also found the limited edition two-disc LP from Mastadon, “Live at the Aragon”.  It’s the only live album that Mastadon has put out and the best part is that it also included the Live DVD of the show.  My friends that have seen my music dvd collection know that I was buying this as soon as I read that on the label.  The artwork on this record is awesome and may even inspire some new ink, as I’ve been looking for something new… but that’s a different blog.

Also for my metal friends, I picked up a 10-inch EP from Machine Head (who’s going back in the studio TODAY!), called “The Black Procession”.  It’s a live EP from the Black Procession Tour in 2010 and includes “Beautiful Mourning”, “Bite the Bullet” and “Halo”.  Very cool packaging and Machine Head, live, through tube amps?  It rocks.

The one limited edition piece of vinyl that made my shortlist, as well as my shopping cart, is “Covers” by the Deftones.  The ‘tones have long been one of my favorite bands and I got the last copy.  Score!  The artwork on it is really cool and it includes eleven covers from a variety of genres.  This is the record that made my RSD experience complete, as it’s one that I didn’t expect to find.

After I had all of these in hand, I probably should have gotten in the 20 person line and checked out… but I didn’t.  Me, in an 11,500 square foot record store?  Of course I had to browse for a few.  This store, called “Forever Young” in Grand Prairie, TX, is amazing.  They have everything from the complete collection of Elvis Presley’s Sun Records 45’s, to a Beatles display sporting at least 20 original 45’s and some awesome memorabilia.  Among the thousands and thousands of records, I found a sealed 2-disc, 180 gram pressing of my favorite record by my favorite songwriter… Whiskeytown’s “Stranger’s Almanac”.  Ryan Adams never topped this record, to me, and having the bonus material and the ability to jam this record through the tubes make me a very happy dude.

So, although I didn’t get everything that I set out for, it was still a great day to hit a record store.  Hopefully, if you didn’t make it this year, you’ll pay attention and take advantage next year.  Until then, keep your music true… and turn it up ’til it moves you.


Help! I can’t stop listening to Times of Grace.

Sometimes, my favorite record of the day is folk, some days it’s bluegrass, some days it’s straight-ahead rock and roll, and some days it’s metal.  For the past month, there’s one record that I can’t stop listening to and, when a record captures my ears for that long of a time, I feel the need to share it.  I’ve always been a follower of the hard rock band Killswitch Engage, but have never had one of their records grab me to the point of constant listening.  Maybe it’s because the vocals typically don’t grab me, although the grooves are always infectious.  Now the lead guitarist and writer of those riffs has recorded a new CD as a side project and it’s far more addictive to me than anything his famous band has ever put forth.

Adam and Jesse of Times of Grace


Adam Dutkiewicz, who is the guitarist that I speak of, is known best for his guitar work in Killswitch Engage and, more specifically, his habit of wearing eccentric or odd clothing (such as a cape and Short Shorts in the World Ablaze DVD, the pirate hat he wore during a performance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, or even a Katy Perry T-shirt) during his performances.  What most don’t know is that he was the drummer of KE until their second album and that he has produced and shaped the sound of many records in the Nu Metal genre.  Producing records for bands like Shadows Fall, Underoath, All That Remains and As I Lay Dying, Adam has learned the art of making a complete and comprehensive record… and on the first Times of Grace record, it shows.  Adam wrote the entire album and recorded almost all of the tracks, excluding the lead vocal.  For that task, Adam turned to the original frontman of KE, Jesse Leach, and I found myself wondering while listening to the record why he left?  I still don’t know the answer and, as much as I like Howard Jones (current KE vocalist), there’s something about Leach that I like more.  His pure tone is awesome and his ability to crank it into an aggressive tone doesn’t require him to lose the meaning of the vocal, which a lot of singers can’t seem to do.

This album moves from one track to another seamlessly and the whole thing is good but, if I had to tell you what really stands out and what most people would like, it would be the acoustic work that we’ve never heard from Dutkiewicz.  “The Forgotten One” and the acoustic version of “Willing” are songs that your most basic rock fan would get into, while the majority of the record still has too heavy of a sound for most “non-metal” listeners.  The other thing that I like about the acoustic version of “Willing” is that there is also the electric version on the album, which shows you how talented these guys are.  It’s hard to tell you my favorite because they’re both great but with total different sounds.  Here’s the acoustic version, so turn this up…

As you can hear on this track, Adam and Jesse work very smoothly together on their harmonies.  This is another thing that stands out for me, throughout this record.  Being a singer myself, the ease with which they pull this off is amazing and it adds so much to the album.  On top of that is that what they’re singing is as good as how they’re singing.  The lyrics on this record are far from the typical “metal” verses and hooks, as most of the songs are about hope, life, struggle but in a positive way.  If you do listen to heavy metal and hard rock, read the lyrics and you’ll be surprised, with songs like “Live in Love”, “Hope Remains” and “Where the Spirit Leads Me” all adding to the upbeat feel that is carried through almost all of the tracks.  All in all, I could listen to this record all year… and I might.  So, when this duo put a full band together for a tour and announced that their third show would be in Dallas, I was pretty excited.

Getting to the show turned out to be an adventure, however, as they played in downtown Dallas the weekend of the Superbowl.  In case you missed the news that week, the roads were solid sheets of ice and we were actually unsure of whether the show would even go down.  Luckily, however, the band made it to the gig and, well, if they could make it then so could we.  While I would have liked to have seen them with a screaming ravaged crowd of thousands, the fact that there were probably only 150 people at the show made us feel like some lucky kids who found a candy store that nobody else knew of.  Adam pieced the band together only weeks before the tour, so the tightness of the music was as surprising as it was outstanding.  They played all of the electric songs from the CD and only bypassed one song that I missed, “The Forgotten One”.  Considering that I felt lucky to be alive after the drive down to the show, it was one of the most gratifying shows I’ve seen but I really hope to see them play once the band has had more time to gel.  Of all of the bands that I like, this is the one that got me excited about the year that’s coming and, the further through the year we get, the more that this excitement grows.

I’ll be blogging more very soon about these other musical ventures that I’m excited about but, in the meantime, if you like hard rock and haven’t heard this CD, yet, I must encourage you to go pick up a copy… or download a copy… or get it through whatever media you normally score your tunes through but it’s well worth it.  While I’m working on those other blogs, check out “The Forgotten One”, and I’ll be posting more soon.

Until then, keep your music true and turn it up ’til it moves you.  Thanks for reading and please don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.  I dig feedback!

Wedding Signature Prints – A One of a Kind Memory

I recently had two friends get married and, considering how unique and cool these two friends are, I wanted to give them something for their wedding that was equally unique and cool.  The following series of pictures will show you a start to finish process of what I did… and what I can do for you or your friends that may be taking the big leap.  My friends decided to do something different and have a Converse Chuck’s themed wedding.  I told you they were individuals!  It was such a cool idea that I decided to make their wedding signature print follow with the theme.  The bride had sent out a “save the date” invitation with a cool picture of their feet kicked up on their coffee table, of course, with their Chuck’s on.

I first saw the invitation while brainstorming ideas of what to do and I soon realized that this picture had to be part of their signature print.  The first step in making this happen (you’ll see that there are many steps) was to digitally paint the image and make it look appropriate for a lifetime on their wall.  I developed several proofs and soon had the approval of the bride and groom on the one that we all thought would work best.  

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We decided to go with a finished size of 24×24″, so I played with the sizing and determined that the best size for the image was 15×15″, which left a 4.5″ border all the way around for wedding guests to sign the print.  The groom suggested adding the wedding date below the image, so I added the “1-1-11” and printed her out on satin canvas.  My next issue was, “How do I ensure that guests don’t sign outside of the 24×24″ area (the actual print size is 27×27″, which allows for the wrapped picture to have a solid border) and how to I make it look presentably cool for a wedding? ”  My answer was to mount the image on foam board, followed by the addition of a 24×24″ mat over it, to keep the guests “inside the lines”.

Then, the wedding happened.  The bride wore red, sequined Chuck Taylor’s and her bridesmaids all wore red canvas Chuck’s.  Of course, the groom and his groomsmen all wore black Chuck’s.  It was so cool! Before and after the wedding, all of the guests scrawled their well-wishes in Sharpie on the canvas and once the happy couple were legal, I got back to work.  The next step was to remove the mat and foam board, then give the canvas 3  coats of UV and Water Protectant, which gives the finished product a lifespan of well over 100 years (great-great-great grandkids will be fighting over this!)

Once the coating was completely dry, I proceeded to make the 24×24″ frame (1.5″ deep) and carefully mount the image to it.  Lastly, 2 eye-hooks were attached to the back and I added the hanging wire, making it ready to get on their wall.  It was, by far, the most rewarding piece of art that I’ve custom-made for anyone and I’m very proud of the memories that it will provide to the rockin’ couple.

This entire process takes a while to plan, so if you’re getting married and are interested in having me create an equally cool memory of your big day, please don’t wait.  Drop me a line and I’ll not only answer all of the pricing, design and fulfillment questions that you may have, but I’ll also consult you all the way through the process. I hope that you liked checking this out as much as I liked making it!

Oh… I only give discounts to those who have “liked” my “Max Electric Canvas” facebook page.  It’s the easiest way to stay up to date with new ideas for what I can do for you, too. The link’s up in the menu bar, so what are you waiting for???

It’s Alive!

My first post on, as it has a built-in blog page!  Aren’t I crafty?

January 12, 2011, 1:15 am

I finally finished building this website so I can now go back to the creative outlet that I love!  Is that music or creating art?  I guess for tomorrow night, it will be art.  Thanks for inspiring me to get this site off the ground so quickly!  If I had typed out one more explanation of pricing, I might have quit.  Please let me know if there’s anything that I can answer for you.  Keep making great memories.  The best is yet to come!


Happy Holidaze – Music, Madness and Meaning

Hi friends.  It’s been a while since I posted, so I thought I’d fill you in on what’s been happening in my world for the past few minutes and what I’m really excited about going into the holidays.  Speaking of which, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  Tis the season to celebrate friendships and families… to look back at the past year with appreciation for the moments we’ve lived and shared… and to look forward to the hopes and dreams of the next year.  Enjoy the holidays.  Revel in them.  Hold your loved ones as tight as you hold your hopes and don’t get lost in the madness that the holiday season tends to spark.  Alright… on to some music notes.

2010 has been such an awesome and incredible year on the music front.  Not only have we seen tremendous new releases from old-school veteran spine tinglers, like Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Robert Plant, but the crop of new musical talent continues to overwhelm this new music junkie.  I keep finding more and more new music that inspires me and my own creativity.  On the alt-country/songwriter scene, bands with unique, original, heartfelt sounds keep springing up and grabbing my attention.  Some of these to check out are Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s, Holly Go Lightly, and Mumford & Sons, who will stun you live.  Check them out here…   The Avett Brothers aren’t new but I just found them this year.  Their live show is uplifting and they definitely carry their own brand of music.  Also, a lot of Ryan Adams fans were disappointed with his attempt at conceptual rock, “Orion”.  I liked it a lot… but I liked it because it WAS so far off of his normal path.  For the alt-country loving DRA fans, no worries, as he’s releasing a 2 CD offering with The Cardinals.  The tracks are all from the “Easy Tiger” sessions, during which they recorded over 60 songs.  You can look for that one on December 14th at Ryan’s website,  DRA has also been in the studio working on a new disc, without the Cardinals, which will hopefully be released in early 2011.  Let’s all pray for a tour.  Haha.

Alright, how about some rock and roll?  New releases from Jimmy Eat World, Disturbed, The Murderdolls, Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, Sevendust and Rob Zombie all received countless plays on my ipod through the year.  Oklahoma rockers Taddy Porter are making a move up in my playlist, with a southern rock feel that actually rocks more than it tries to fit a genre… and I think that they’re going to go far.  Check out their single, “Whatever Haunts You”… Alter Bridge, who are the 3 instrumental members of Creed and super-talented front man, Myles Kennedy, released their 3rd CD in ’10 and, if it weren’t for one other CD, it would get my record of the year nod.  On ABIII, Myles and guitarist Mark Tremonti move slightly more from the heavier edge of rock into the meaningful songwriter side.  While it doesn’t grab you as fast as the heavier riff-oriented tunes, the songs pull you in and before long, they mean something to you.  Who kept ABIII out of my top spot?  Stone Sour.  Their new release, “Audio Secrecy” is a record that will continue to get playtime from me for a long time.  They flawlessly combine great songwriting with heavy riff-writing and the results will probably be considered classic someday.  James Root and Corey Taylor are one of the best guitar/vocalist tandems in rock and they show it off well on this disc.  

Well there’s my take on things as they stand today.  I’m going to miss not having a Black Crowes show to look forward to in 2011 but, all in all, I think I’ll find a good replacement show somewhere.

Oh yeah! New, lower standard pricing on all of my musical art at  Through December 31st, I’ll also give you an additional 25% off!  I know… crazy, right?  Just enter the coupon code HOLIDAZE during checkout.  Thanks for supporting local and underground art, whomever you like.

Lastly, my newest venture, Max Electric Canvas, has been held off until early 2011.  I’m just too busy.  Period.  If you don’t know, this is a new service that I’m offering, basically just digitally painting your pics to turn them into a gallery-wrapped canvas piece of art.

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 If you just want the pic without the effects, that’s cool, too.  I’ll match any standard pricing that you may find on other canvas printing sites and I’ll do better work.  I already have many orders in the works without a website, so I’m going to make sure that I don’t bite off more than I can chew through the holidays.  I do have a real job.  Haha… true!  To those that have orders pending, I’m printing many of them today.  If you want to shoot me an inquiry on pricing or options, please do.  I’m just not launching the website, yet.

So, Happy Holidaze to all of you, my friends.  May your season rock and your new year roll.  Until next time… keep your music true and turn it up ’til it moves you.

You’ve Gotta Try to Fly… My First Art Festival

Unless we’ve only recently met, you probably know that I’m a music junkie who’s started transferring my passion for music into my passion for art and graphic design.  Having a degree in the Music Business with extensive experience in the world of music marketing, I feel that I have a great opportunity to work in the field that I love.   The end goal of this pursuit is to work with record labels, instrument manufacturers, artists, managers, etc, in the work of marketing their product to the desired target demographic, as well as to serve as an independent contract writer and photographer for music publications.  But here I am… a guy who creates cool pallets for this marketing but needs to develop his brand and get some momentum going towards this end goal… a guy who has a full-time job that cannot be taken lightly and that holds priority to him… and a guy who currently hasn’t even had his art seen by the general public (barring his awesome list of social network friends).  So where does he go with all of this creative drive?

The first step is to get noticed… and this weekend at The Pecan Street Arts Festival, in downtown Austin, Texas, I did just that.  I lived in Austin for a couple of years, so I was familiar with the festival, although I didn’t realize quite how large it was until I showed up.  The other thing that I didn’t realize?  Just how much work would go into pulling off an impressive showing at an art show.

I was accepted into the festival over two months ago and, ever since, it’s been a non-stop rollercoaster ride of producing art (I took over 250 finished pieces), procuring the necessary art show needs (canopy tent, walls to hang art, print bins, receipt, cash book, marketing materials, etc.) and getting my business (I have an LLC) ready to roll in an unknown environment.  The weeks and days leading up to the festival were nerve-racking, to say the least, but I got through it and by the time the festival started, I was confident that my business looked tight.

My world... Day 1

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a clue what to expect from my weekend on 6th Street.  Would I sell a lot?  Would people be buying art?  Would my art be well received?  Being that this is the first time that I’ve shown any of my art to strangers, I had no clue what was going to happen.  It didn’t take long to realize, though, that I was onto something cool.  People would walk up on the booth, in the midst of hundreds of others trying to catch some attention, and I’d instantly know what they thought.  I couldn’t count the number of times that someone’s eyes would slowly go from the right wall of my tent, to the center and then around the the third wall, followed by their lips saying, “Wow.”  Seeing that over and over really made me realize that I am doing something different, unique and good.  Talking to hundreds of people over the weekend that “got it” made me think about a lot of different ideas and ways to market this art thing, also.

One thing that I quickly realized is that a high percentage of people would like to have something like this on their wall, if I only had their favorite performer.  As soon as I picked up on that, I had a new marketing strategy that I’ll implement on my website ASAP.  Here it goes… if you have a concert picture of YOUR favorite artist that YOU took, then send it to me and I’ll turn it into a digitally painted piece of art, gallery wrapped and ready to hang on your wall.  Marketing this service, rather than, “Come to my site to look at my stuff” should serve me well.

Slightly different on Day 2

Secondly, I was approached my many musicians about doing this work for their band.  Some of these musician are actually in bands that I’ve heard of and are supposed to be sending me pics that they want edited.  While I already knew that the end goal was to work with bands and other musical marketers, I didn’t realize how well received that idea would be or how eager musicians would be to have their pics done in my style.  It was only when musicians kept asking, “Can you do something like this for me?”, that I really understood.  I’ll be immediately working on my electronic press kit, which will serve as my sales catalyst towards this goal and I don’t doubt that it will take off quickly.

The third idea that sprang from the festival wasn’t in regards to musical art at all.  I’ve been planning on launching a separate website in a few weeks aimed at selling the service of printing your memories (children, wedding, family, pets, etc.) on canvas and gallery wrapping them for you.  This idea isn’t new, I simply have the gear and knowledge to do this and thought that it would be a good way to make some extra gravy.  I now have a slightly deeper goal, though.  I’ve already started editing my first children’s pictures, appropriately, of my nieces and my nephew.  Soon, I’ll be offering the service of turning your memories into digitally painted works of art, that you can have gallery wrapped or ready to frame.  Rather than pay a portrait artist thousands of dollars to have your child painted, I will offer a much less expensive alternative, turning your family pictures into art that can be handed down for generations.  I am really excited about this idea and can’t wait to get the website finished.  Look for this in the next month, along with a valuable discount code for my facebook and twitter friends.  It may not be very musical… but it’s going to rock… and it’s all part of this crazy plan that I’m surfing.

So, there you have it.  The Pecan Street Arts Festival was a severe dive into the pool of chasing dreams but it was worth every drop of sweat, every moment of stress and every dollar that went into making it happen.  Oh… I was even approached by the owner of a chain of barber shops in NYC called “Rockabilly Barbers” who wants to consign my art.  He was so excited and bought several pieces himself.  Getting my work into bars and other venues is crucial!  I need to thank Kurt and Casey for being my crew the entire weekend… and also a big “Thanks!!!” to Tom for coming out on Saturday morning to help set up.   I couldn’t have made it through the weekend without any of their help.  I’m really excited to get these new ideas rolling.

In the words of Reverend Run (yes… of DMC), “If u have no sense of URGENCY to succeed, U WILL NOT!”  I’m successful at selling construction supplies… let’s see what I can do with art.  Follow your dreams, people.  They’re not going to follow you.  I’ll keep you posted on all of the different directions that this is going soon.

Until then, keep your music true… and turn it up ’til it moves you.

Soul Singing… The Black Crowes – Columbus, OH – 8/22/10

Ahhh… The Black Crowes.  Anyone that knows me will quickly tell you that if Mack is writing a review on anything involving the Robinson brothers, Chris and Rich, then it’s going to be a biased review.  I can’t help it.  The Black Crowes make me happy when I’m sad, calm when I’m mad and glad to be me anytime.  I’ve seen them numerous times.  I’ve seen them open for Lenny Kravitz when he was letting love rule. I’ve seen them play back to back nights at the Greek Theater in Hollywood with Jimmy Page, although it was all Zep tunes on those nights.  I’ve seen them at the Voodoo Music Fest in the Big Easy, just before having my mind blown by Tool.  I’ve even seen them headline a country music festival in Fort Worth, where they likely converted a slew of Texas Country fans one step closer to the rock side.  I honestly can say two things about every show… each time, they overachieved my expectations and each time, they were better than the time before.

This show was no different, although there was one big difference between it and every other Crowes show I’ve attended.  This is the first time that there were no other bands.  Even last year, when I saw them at this same venue (Lifestyles Community Pavilion… tiny little amphitheater that only holds 2,200), they played the traditional hour and a half with an opening act.  This year, they were following up on their twenty track CD, Croweology, by taking the opening band out of play and, instead, playing an hour and a half opening set of acoustic songs followed by an hour and a half set of electric tunes.  To say I was excited for this night is an understatement.

The Crowes didn’t disappoint, either.  I hadn’t thought about it going in, but with the sun still shining when they came on, it was almost like The Black Crowes were opening up for The Black Crowes.  Acoustic and more laid back during the first half… then, once the sun went down, it turned into a full-on rock and roll show.  One cool thing about seeing them live is that the show you get isn’t the same show that they played the night before and it’s not the same as what the next town will get.  I appreciate any band that has the talent to go out every night and play whatever they feel like that day, as opposed to having a canned set list that is going to get old and stale halfway through the tour.  Here’s the show that we got on this beautiful night in Columbus…

– acoustic set –


– electric set –


– encore

Even though I didn’t get two of my favorite Crowes tunes (“Cursed Diamond” and “Soul Singing”), every song they played had me dancing and I wasn’t one bit upset that they left those songs out.  It was an amazing show all the way around, from the venue (wish it was in Fort Worth!), to the company (love the Endicotts!), to the 3+ hours of beautiful music that left me more relaxed than I’d been in months.  It was awesome.  Here’s a bunch of the raw shots that I got that night.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All I really have to say is, considering they are taking an indefinite leave from recording and touring after this tour’s conclusion, if you’re a music lover and have ever enjoyed one song that the Crowes recorded, then you owe it to yourself not to miss this show.  They have dates listed all the way through December and it’s a ticket well worth buying.  So there you go… my entirely and extremely biased review of The Black Crowes show on the 22nd of August, 2010.  As soon as they come back around, I’ll be back at more than one show by these brothers of a feather… and I’ll be looking for you.

Until next time, keep your music true and turn it up ’til it moves you.